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BDSOFTONLINE.COM is the Website of BSO Corporation which is registered in Bangladesh and engaged in Information Technology (IT) businesses. We offer a range of innovative business solutions to help solve your complex industry challenges. Check out our diverse business solutions and business services.

Cloud Computing Services:

Cloud Computing Services for delivering hosted services over the internet such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (laaS). Compared to other technologies, much more efficient computing can be allowed by Cloud Computing.

Web Application Development Services

We are offering Web Application Development Services. We have skilled professionals to assist in meeting to sort out the exact demands of the small and medium industries in an effective manner. Our services are managed by our skilled professionals, who have vast experience and extensive knowledge about the IT sector. We ensure a high degree of profitability based on our plan & design to key in on businesses that have already expressed the need for such services and products to customers. Furthermore, we offer services at most affordable and competitive price.

Data Conversion Services:

Converting data can be a far more difficult and time consuming task than most people account for, not only is it long and tedious work but most data conversion requires some sort of predisposed knowledge about it, as well as knowledge or experience in working with various data conversion programs that you may need throughout the task. If you’re without this knowledge when you go into data conversion then you can find it very difficult, if not impossible. If you find yourself having to do some data conversion but you lack the previous knowledge and experience to do it adequately, or you’d like it to be handled by a professionals, then get help from our data conversion service today!

Ebook Conversion Services:

We can convert your manuscript to Flip-Page e-book, e-catalogue, e-album etc. with audio/video embed in it. You can give us your book as PDF, Word doc or as a printed book and audio/video in any format.

Import, Export and Distribution Services:

We are also engaged in Import, Export and Distribution business services for IT and other products.

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